Read FAQs on Our Taxi Service in Scotland and St Andrews

How Are Taxi Fares Calculated?

Taxi fares are typically calculated by using two basic elements, a minimum charge and waiting time.

A minimum charge or flag fall applies to a specific distance and a distance related charge thereafter. This flag fall is determined by Fife Council and changes periodically, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. fares are roughly 25%. The increased rate applies to journeys to and out of Fife, with additional charges at Christmas and New Year

Waiting time is also set by Fife Council, with other charges in Fife including toll bridge and soiling charges. The fare structure and rates vary between local authorities, with differences including; fixed unsociable hours charge, additional passengers, and each item of luggage.

Additional Points

Unless the taxi is stationary, the fare increments depend on distance only. The driver cannot increase the fare by travelling more slowly.

Specified fares are the maximum charges, the driver can charge anything below these rates.

How Should I Travel to St Andrews?

Your preferred mode of transportation to the town of St Andrews depends on variables including; your budget, personal preference, and the number of people in your party.

The nearest airport close to St Andrews is in Edinburgh, with many travellers opting to take a taxi or utilising a hire car depending on their length of stay in the area.

You are also available to travel from the airport via rail, with the service alighting at Leuchars Station which is situated five miles from the town. Bus routes are also available.

Our taxis are available to pick you up from Edinburgh, one of Scotland's major airports, or from Leuchars Station to ensure your arrival into St Andrews is one of comfort.

Need a ride? Contact us is in St Andrews for information on the taxi services we provide for customers in Scotland.